Sunday, February 12, 2012

Courage, Teamwork, and Passion Wins Games

   Arriving home from school on a Wednesday night. I did my normal routine; chop wood, take out the trash, and do homework. I was very anxious to get home from school that day though because my favorite college basketball team was playing. A big rivalry game was about to start between North Carolina Tar Heels and the Duke Blue Devils. With only five miles separating both colleges along Chapel Hill, North Carolina, I was getting my snacks ready for the game. When the game came on I was instantly glued to the television cheering on the Blue Devils. With the number one high school all star athlete, Austin Rivers, playing for Coach K. The game was a nail biter with the blue devils only trailing by nine points in the first minutes of the first half. By the time the second half started the Tar Heels had moved their lead by seven points making it a sixteen point ball game. Throughout the whole game, my hopes of Duke winning was barely fading away. I was about to turn off the television, but then I kept the television on having faith for Duke. Minutes passed by when Duke started to cut into the lead. The Lead was shortened to eight points with two minutes to go in the second half. My palms started to get sweaty and my heart pounding. One after the other, North Carolina made careless passes and numerous turnovers to cut the lead to two with ten seconds on the clock. I was cheering so loud, I could barely talk. Austin Rivers brought the ball down and took a screen to the right side of the three point arc. Dribbling, the big power forward Tyler Zeller from North Caroling was guarding Rivers. The big seven foot Zeller fell asleep below the arc and took a step back, Austin Rivers knew it was the right time so he jumped and flinged his wrist in the air. With Austin Rivers looking on, the ball fell through the hoop SWISH! The game clock hit zero. Everyone from the Blue Devils bench busted out celebrating, while they left the North Carolina players and fans in disbelief. The blue devils came back from a sixteen point deficit to win the game in the second half. In the locker room after the fame, Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski wrote on the white board COURAGE, TEAMWORK, and PASSION. 

   When I seen this game, it brought me back to the state championship between Holbrook and Fountain Hills. Holbrook did not give up in the end, and came back with a win to capture the entire championship. In basketball it takes a huge amount of teamwork to win. Whether it would be trying to get an open shot to score a basket, or stopping a person defensively. Everyone has to know their assignment and know exactly what they are suppose to do. Not only teamwork, but with courage and passion. If the score board is one sided, the team has to give all they got if they want to come out with a huge 'W'. Both girls and boys are pursuing a championship this coming week and I have faith in them that they will try their hardest and give it their all, especially the graduating players. Just as Coach Krzyzewski stated "When you are passionate, you always have your destination in sight and you are not distracted by obstacles. Because you love what you are pursuing, things like rejection and setbacks will not hinder you in your pursuit. You believe that nothing can stop you!" 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New School, New Place, New Start

When you were little, did you get scared of your first day of school? Whether it was at the elementary, junior high, high school, or a new school? Imagine if you did it more than five times. Crazy right? I lived in Tuba City for the three years of my elementary school until my dad got a new job in Phoenix. The first time I moved was a big change for me. From a sort of small community to a huge city imagine that. It was a huge experience with me because i was really used to the native american look. I started at a school called Perelta Elementary School. The school was filled with a whole bunch of different culture. There were Caucasian, Mexican, and African American. I was thinking to myself what in the world? But I became friends with all of them. It was pretty weird hearing different languages and accents.

The second time I moved was during eighth grade, I was going to school at Desert Shadows Middle School. It was really hard to leave because i grew up with most of my friends. We went to school together since I arrived in third grade till eighth grade.From the hot summer sun to the cold winters in Flagstaff is where I went. I got used to Flagstaff pretty fast. I remember snow boarding and landing face first in the snow, it hurt like crazy but it was like landing in a place filled with white pillows. The third time I moved was to Fountain Hills. Talk about rich people in the movies, this was the place. From luxury cars to fancy two story houses, I did not think there was a high school. It looked like a place with old rich people. Turns out the high school was pretty big and full of rich kids. School was pretty fun there, but then I started to get homesick because the reservation is where I wanted to stay. On my last and final move, I moved back to the reservation and I came here to Holbrook High School. I thought it was my best choice because I feel more comfortable with where I am at. 
I have moved around a huge amount of times in my life. I made friends, made new ones, and lost some. It has gave me a huge amount of experience. I do not regret any of my friends I have made. Some of the classes I took I had to take again, but I do not feel that I have missed a whole bunch of school work. If I could, I would relive the moments I shared with some of my friends. Now that me and my senior class of 2012 are graduating in a couple months, it is time to move on and start a whole new chapter of our lives. Starting with at a new school and a new place.